Specializing in Actionable Data Analysis


UTAMS is an acoustic sensor system developed by the Sensors and Electron Devices Directorate (SEDD) of the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) utilized to locate sources of impulsive signals and long range acoustics. The system consists of sensor stations linked via radio to a centralized base station.

ElanTech develops and maintains the base station software used for processing, archiving, and displaying UTAMS sensor reports and detections. The initial deployment of the UTAMS system required that the base station software be designed, implemented, and released in less than six months. ElanTech was able to meet this challenge and has continued to develop and support the UTAMS system.


The capability to review past events was added to allow the user to analyze historical sensor detections and target localizations to support ISR activities. Live data is continuously being processed by the ground station while the user is in review mode where events that had taken place previously are displayed on a timeline to display. To share critical situational awareness information on the battlefield, ARL and ElanTech provide a flexible message output system to transmit sensor and target detections UTAMS detections to other ISR assets.

For some fielded operations, the need for remotely monitoring the UTAMS performance and data acquisition was necessary. To fill the need a remote display capability was added so that users that are not geographically co-located with the sensors can manage, monitor and modify the system.

UTAMS integrates with the Persistent Threat Detection System (PTDS) and the Persistent Ground Surveillance System (PGSS) aerostat surveillance systems as well as the Rocket Launch Spotter. In each of these systems, UTAMS sends customized acoustic detection locations to queue camera systems to areas of regard. Since the surveillance systems have a large area of regard, the UTAMS system provides a valuable cueing capability to focus surveillance efforts on areas where activities of concern are occurring.

ElanTech’s base station for UTAMS has also integrated several other unattended ground sensor systems – these include Expendable Unattended Ground Sensors (EUGS), Battlefield Anti-Intrusion System (BAIS) and iSCOUT.