Specializing in Actionable Data Analysis


Public Safety & Emergency Medical Services 

Unlock the Door to Your 911 System

ElanTech’s DataTech911 product suite interfaces directly with existing 911 systems to greatly enhance the speed and effectiveness of emergency response. The DataTech911 solutions enhance coordination and interoperability between multiple CADs, PSAPs, and simultaneous responding agencies across multiple jurisdictions.


Infrastructure Assets Planning, Estimation & Management

Current Asset Aggregation and Future Asset Planning & Estimation Online

ElanTech’s GIS-based tools provide a unique perspective for local governments to understand how an investment in infrastructure effects the revenue base.  Infrastructure Planning models may be assessed in reference to return on investment models, revenue opportunities, and regional planning opportunities.



Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)

Military Deployment – Detecting the Threat and Queuing Surveillance

ElanTech’s ground station for the Army Research Laboratory’s Unattended Transient Acoustic MASINT System (UTAMS) uses unattended ground sensors (acoustic, seismic, tripwire, etc.) to provide an ISR remote threat detection platform. 

SAGEgeo is ElanTech’s free tool to import, view and edit location based data. Geo-located tools and data are in integral part of providing actionable data analysis.

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Actionable Data Analysis

Actionable Data Analysis enables users to analyze, aggregate and assess data and events over time to create user-defined actionable information. ElanTech has customized core technology to provide actionable data analysis to emergency response personnel to save lives, local government officials to optimize ROI on infrastructure investments, and military personnel to protect remote deployment bases.


ElanTech’s web-based and cloud-based applications and infrastructure are developed in an agile environment that emphasizes customer collaboration.